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Details of the standards used on this site and the software used to support them.

HTML pages

The web pages are coded mostly by hand in HTML 4.01 that should be displayed correctly by any browser that can cope with cascaded style sheets (CSS).  Very simple styles are used.  For consistency and ease of maintenance the navigation tabs and other static information are inserted via server side includes (SSI).  Pages that contain columnar layouts still include a modified style served only to Internet Explorer versions earlier than 7 to avoid a width formatting bug.

Text documents

Text documents are offered for downloading in three formats:

•  Microsoft Word 2003/XP
For compatibility with the popular office software, even if you have an old version.
•  ODF
The Open Document Format, evolved from ISO/IEC 26300 published as an international standard in 2006, and now the UK government’s preferred standard.
•  PDF
Adobe's Portable Document Format, designed to preserve the correct formatting of documents for viewing and printing.  A subset of the PDF standard was published as international standard ISO 19005-1 in 2005.

We use Libre Office Writer under Windows and GNU/Linux to create the files in these three formats.  This free software to create and read the formats can be downloaded from the links in the column to the left.


The masthead graphics are taken from our own pictures, shot on a Canon Ixus 500 camera and processed into PNG (ISO/IEC 15948:2003) files using The GIMP.  These display correctly on modern browsers, but the transparent sections (visible around each picture and the Sealand logo) were not rendered correctly by Internet Explorer versions earlier than 7.

Sealand is very pleased to be a supporter of the Open Document Foundation, Linux Mint, and the Lancing and Sompting Churches’ Food Bank.

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